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Piano Tutorial with Rosa:  7 Secrets: Tapping Into The Mind of A Piano Player is the most powerful piano course that I have developed. This course will change your piano life dramatically as it has done for my local piano students in Hong Kong.
  • Playing piano is more than learning chords, harmony, rhythm and different techniques.  You need to understand how your fingers move on the keyboard. 
  • When we watch professional musicians play, we see their fingers flying over the piano keys quickly and effortlessly. Why are their fingers are so relaxed and in perfect control? 

To play piano in the flow, you must know yourself and your fingers.

  • There is a right way of thinking when playing piano and there is a wrong way of thinking.
  • The wrong way of thinking does not lead a pianist to play in the flow. 
  • The right way of thinking leads a person to creativity, to playing intuitively, to experimenting with their fingers, to improvising at the piano. 
  • If you do not know your fingers and how they work together, your whole playing is very tense. When your fingers are tense and not relaxed, your creativity is blocked.

In my 7 Secrets: Tapping Into The Mind Of A Piano Player, I have many piano tutorials to help you understand your 5 fingers and how they coordinate together to help you play piano with ease and in the flow.  When you play piano with ease, you no longer struggle.  When you don't struggle, you enjoy playing piano, even in your practice.  

Read what my students are saying:

The most important aspect of teaching is not to regurgitate theory and formula but to motivate the student to learn the concepts and reinforce it with practical examples that the student can repeat and expand on their own ultimately achieving a great feeling of satisfaction and success in doing so. Your teaching method does exactly that without adding any extraneous material that is irrelevant for each given level of study.

I find your teaching method very relaxed and spot on. I have your 7 Secrets and A Mod and ordered B Mod the other day and will follow along with the others to support the good you are doing for others.

Mark Miller 
Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

I have never taken any other lessons which were so motivating and gave me consistency for playing and learning. The structure is wonderful, clever and consequent. The forum offered for all kinds of problems, statements and ideas is wonderful; very nice and helpful members and Rosa is there, responding/answering almost immediately. A wonderful device and support for the user.  I feel like having personal lessons.

Rainer Wilhelm


Dear Rosa,

I bought your "7 secrets-course" and found it very useful. To learn to play the piano has been a lifelong dream of mine. The way you teach is so unique, simple, easy to understand and suits me so much I have decided to buy all 7-secrets courses.  The newest vids are all well done. I appreciate that huge amount of work you put into them.

Karin Jaquet
Berlin, Germany

Hi Rosa,

I am so pleased to work with you. I will follow your lessons, do the homework, and build my skills in a new way. My old way didn't work, no matter how hard I tried. Keeping one hand still and "hearing" the music in the other hand is new to me.

I have spent many years TRYING to play piano, practicing daily. I have been methodical and exact. Oops! Your right/left brain exercises revealed that I am strongly left-brained. This attention to detail has kept my focus on the mechanics and I don't feel the music. I have tried for years to "feel the music" but I think I have still focused on the mechanics because I didn't know any other way. I also spent many years on Hanon exercises. My hope is to finally feel the joy of playing my music. I know this will take time and a new way of thinking.

Thank you, Rosa.

Susan Mirau

Tunjunga, California

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